Monday, October 1, 2007

He's Happier than She is.

Thank you to AnnaS. over at Domestic Felicity for pointing out this article.

What I wanted to comment on is the excerpt which I highlighted in green, below.

A big reason that women reported being happier three decades ago — despite far more discrimination — is probably that they had narrower ambitions, Ms. Stevenson says. Many compared themselves only to other women, rather than to men as well. This doesn’t mean they were better off back then. But it does show just how incomplete the gender revolution has been. Although women have flooded into the work force, American society hasn’t fully come to grips with the change. The United States still doesn’t have universal preschool, and, in contrast to other industrialized countries, there is no guaranteed paid leave for new parents. Government policy isn’t the only problem, either. Inside of families, men still haven’t figured out how to shoulder their fair share of the household burden. Instead, we’re spending more time on the phone and in front of the television.

First, I take exception to the fact that women should be comparing themselves to men. Men and women have different, complementary roles, given to them by God, as can be read in the Book of Genesis. Girls ought to be girls, comparing themselves to girls and boys should be boys, comparing themselves to boys. Why should a girl want to be like a boy, they aren't boys! If a girl is to take on a more traditionally masculine role (such as the role of provider) it doesn't mean she should be like a man either. Any situation requiring a female to step into the role of a male should be handled as a woman would, she should (in my opinion) never try to be like a man, I find that ridiculous. That doesn't mean women cannot fulfill their roles in the business world as well as a man can, it just means she shouldn't want to behave like a man, dress like a man, talk like a man, etc. We all know women who do just that in the name of 'equality' and 'feminism'.

Second I think the bit about universal preschool is very, very frightening. This is just next door to big brother stepping in. Take Germany, for example. They have mandatory universal preschool, and home schooling is outlawed. Do we really want to go that route? Talk about women being unhappy! How can we, as women, fulfill our roles as wife and mother with big brother breathing down our necks?

Now, I'm not the most patriotic American out there, not that I don't love my country, but there is so much happening here today that goes against the laws of God, or even basic common sense that it is increasingly difficult to support our government. Without getting sidetracked, we are a country based upon seems that some of our more basic freedoms are being taken from parents and government is trying to take over. Immunizations are one area of freedom where parental authority means almost squat. Now, if we allow our legislators to mandate preschool, how long until they mandate state schools? Once that happens we will lose our freedom to home school. What about religious education? If all schools are state mandated what happens to religious education?

Men shouldering the household burden? Hmmm, let me think about that. If women were home, not pressured to work, and men worked outside the home, whatever it takes to keep the family going, then they should NOT have to shoulder the burden because it would be done. Men would enjoy being home, women would enjoy having them there. Guess what? I bet the happiness quotient for both would be higher.

I do understand there are some women who love their jobs. I'm thinking of the women who care for their families and homes and then go out and work part time for a few hours a week, when their husband is home to care for the kids. That is great. They have it all, a rare combination indeed. Most women, I think, may enjoy that little time out. Some may not want to and shouldn't feel like they must.

When the government comes too close to mandating family life we are no longer in a country that pursues happiness. It violates the Declaration of Independence. In trying to please the feminists, we are going to cut off the lifeblood of the nation. We need to keep American women in control of their families, not the state.

Happiness comes from fulfilling our God given roles in life. True happiness resides, in the face of God. The way to see the face of God is through fulfilling your vocation in life. Not career, vocation. Married, single, religious, it doesn't matter. Living your life, fulfilling your divine vocation in it, and through that vocation achieving everlasting life in the presence of God.


Anna S said...

Lily - thank you for your overview; I really love all the discussion. Life would be so much more harmonious if, instead of fighting against God's design, we'd work with it.

SagHarborGifts said...

Love it! As usual, you make me think! You are a very talented writer, as I've told you many a time!