Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is a poem I wrote for my friend, another acrostic. It was supposed to read SPIN DYE AND WEAVE but somehow it ended up SPIN DYE AND WEAVING which is a problem stylistically. When I finished the poem and realized what I had done I was so attached to the sentiment that I didn't change it. It is what I wanted to say about my friend, how much I admire her for taking something difficult in life, an injury, and making something beautiful. The poem was a birthday gift. Laurie, you are amazing!

Sanguine at the wheel
Protracting the fibers
Intuitively. Twisting the strands
Nimbly, rhythmically she spins.

Delineated in her mind,
Yarns are pigmented
Expressively, instinctively.

Advancing her tranquility,
Never yielding to the limits imposed,
Doctors and nature defied.

Warp and weft on the loom
Exactly ordered to their design,
Aesthetically arranged by Laurie.
Victoriously the fabric exhibits her
Independence from the
Neurology that tried to
overn, but couldn't contain her soul.

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MaryT said...

Wow! What a special person Laurie must be! You can feel her determined strength in your poem and how lucky she is to have someone who is as aware as you are! I am really enjoying your blog!