Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mary's Garden, An Inspirational Gardening Story

Here is a story I wrote for Helium. Really, I wrote it for myself. I do have some regret that I gave it to Helium. I entered it into a contest. It is the last day of a contest sponsored by a publisher, GreenPrints Magazine. They put up several titles, I entered two. The title link above, An Inspirational Gardening Story, and the category called, OOPS! click the links to read the stories. If I am chosen, I will be paid, but I will also get a neat little byline and be listed as the winner of the contest. Theoretically it doesn't matter where you are in the ratings, the publisher can choose any story he likes. That is exciting.


Beth P from NE said...

Both are really nice essays. I especially enjoyed the one about the Mary Garden.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I greatly enjoyed your oops story for the way the words rolled in my mouth. Very auditorially pleasing (did I just make up my own word?).

Katherine T. Lauer said...

The Mary garden story is beautiful and so touching. As a convert to Catholicism, your story made me understand for the first time *why* Mother Church gives us these rituals and requests of caring for graves. To do so is salutory for our own souls.

Also, this line was very funny and a good use of quiet humor in a sad story: "Even in death she cannot escape the kitchen."

You still have to tell me how to post comments to your Helium articles!

Lily said...

Thanks for reading my blog, and my stories! I don't think you can publish comments on Helium yet. I've never seen a place to do that.

I really enjoyed writing the 'gardening stories'. The inspirational story about the Mary garden came from out of nowhere, must have been deep inside. I did not fully understand about the month of the Holy Souls until after my mother passed away.

About the OOPS! story being auditorially pleasing (yup, I think that's a new word, lol) thank you for noticing! I often experiment with sounds in my writing, it must be the 'poet' in me.

MaryT said...

THere are NO words to express how much your piece Mary's Garden touched me! I hope you win. I don't know how anything could have been better!