Saturday, June 23, 2007

My 'Listoff' List

On my favorites list to the right you will find a blog called Listoff. I submitted a list called, "What Three Year Olds Do For Fun" which Adam published today! I'm thrilled because I love his blog, and I do not know him, so he put up the list because he found it entertaining. By the way, all of the things on the list...they really happened, all done by my various children. Now you know why I escape the insanity! ;-)


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Very funny! Oh what adventures await me as my first child grows up and family grows.

Lily said...

Yes, the adventures are joyful, and sometimes exasperating. There have been moments, like the honey incident, where I cannot laugh until well after the fact. It was a lot of fun making the list. Adam did shorten my list quite a bit, I think I put over twenty things on there! One day I may put up the list in its entirety, if he doesn't do it. We were all quite surprised by how long the list turned out to be.