Saturday, June 9, 2007

Never Fading Wood, revisited

In my first post I named this blog Never Fading Wood in honor of our Blessed Mother. Ironically, I accepted that title at face value. I found it duplicated in many lists of the Blessed Virgin, liked it for its being an unusual and lesser known title, as well as for its poetic sound. But, why would Mary be called 'Never Fading Wood'? I have to wonder.

This is a topic of discussion in my home right now. First of all, why did I just accept it at face value, without researching it, not that I doubt it is a valid title for her, but why didn't I look into it further? I instruct my children be inquisitive about their education and their hobbies. I'm a naturally curious person. Isn't it rather strange that I would just name my blog and be done with it?

Well there is the obvious time factor. Just noting the titles I've given myself will clue you into how busy I am. I took a long car drive to visit someone recently and as I was driving the thought occurred to me that I never did look into it. Of course I need long car drives with the radio turned off to get around to it; but it did eventually dawn on me that I do not know the origin of this title for her.

Surfing the net today yielded no results. It just produced more lists containing the titles of Mary. So now I'm left to my imagination. And to my blog. I'm sure until I get to the bottom of this one, it will be a topic revisited here, speculation of why Mary is called Never Fading Wood. And if you know, please provide the story. I'm very interested :-)

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