Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poems to Help Children study the Holy Ghost

As a home school teacher, and a catechist, I am always seeking ways to teach faith to the children. Often poems and songs make the perfect memory aide. Here are three I wrote about the Holy Ghost. The first one is calling on Him to Help us. The second is about the Gifts of the Holy Ghost and the third is about the Fruits. Feel free to use them with your children, but please credit Lily A. Thorns with authorship.

Come Holy Ghost, Paraclete

Come Holy Ghost, Paraclete
These are the words I often repeat
Crying out for your Wisdom again and again,
in a prayer you have never failed to claim.
Be it study or chores or friends I debate
You always manage, somehow, to relate
The answer I seek, if only I listen
A solution will find me, in quiet submission
To God's Holy Will in every respect
of my life, you will guide me, in every aspect.

The Gifts of the Paraclete

Through your gifts, O wise Paraclete
My actions will make my soul complete
Your wisdom will guide me in all of my days
Counsel will help me to improve my ways.
Understanding will show how reasonable I can be
Fortitude provides the resolve I will need
Knowledge lights the path to the Lord
Piety shows in the Truth I am moored.
The fear of the Lord, I know what that is
Remembering the just punishments God gives.

The Fruits of the Holy Ghost

Your fruits, Holy Ghost, serve to remind
What I need to always keep in mind.
Charity shows true love of God in our actions
Joy is the happiness which brings satisfaction
Peace is contentment deep in the soul
Patience, ability to wait, a worthy goal
Kindness should be shown to all fellow man
Goodness forsakes evil each time it can
Giving of yourself is generosity
Gentleness is showing how meek you can be
Faithfulness, living your life in God's trust
Modesty in dress and behavior's a must
Self control is an art everyone must master
Chastity is a gift to your love ever after
Please guide me to Jesus where I want to be
Forever united for all eternity.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Now I have poems to memorize so I can learn the gifts and fruits!