Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nice Matters Award

I have been honored by A Thorn in the Pew with an award:
YAY! It is gratifying that people think I'm nice. I'm not sure I'm always nice, you'd have to ask my husband about that ;-), but I do try!

In return, I'd like to bestow this award on the following bloggers, in no particular order:
Beth- Who is a beautiful person and a very talented seamstress!
MaryT-Who has a great online shop, is fun to read, and is a very nice person!
Mary - Who has this awesome blog!
Katherine-Who has the most adorable baby in the world! Check out her blog for a baby fix!
Petrus-Who has awesome taste in literature! And she is very funny!
Jamie and Claudio-They like sandwiches! They are a funny read.


bethalice said...

Thanks! Though I think Jamie & Claudio win out because they are a riot! :o)

Lily said...

You all win, I awarded you all because you are talented, wonderful and NICE! But you are right, Jamie and Claudio are a riot!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Hee hee...we think we are pretty funny!! ;)

Since you both said that I won't yell at Lily for listing me alllll the way at the bottom of her an afterthought!


Lily said...

I did say, "In no particular order" Somehow I knew you'd notice, but no matter who I put last would have gotten in a fluff! LOL I did think about alphabetical order, but, that was too hard on my tired brain. Well, I guess I could have done it, but I was lazy!

I have been rather busy lately CLEANING. Too busy to think beyond where to put what. You've been here Jamie, I definitely need to work on the organization. You'll have to come back so you can see how far we've come...but do make it soon before we regress back to our old habits. Actually, we're getting so organized around here I'm hoping it will stick!