Saturday, September 1, 2007

More Viruses

Another computer virus detected! My computer and I were both cleaning today, as there is yet another virus. I fell victim to the scam about someone sending me a Hallmark card. Don't fall for that one. When I opened the card it wouldn't work, so I did it again! DUH! I was busy didn't think of it again, but then my computer started slowing down. This is when I decided to manually run a virus scan. Upon trying to start it I realized my virus protection had expired...oops! VOILA, during that expiration period I got a virus. Well, that thing just won't leave my computer. Or, it has compromised my system and I keep getting viruses. Either way, my computer found yet another one today! SIGH!

Moral of this story, don't let your virus protection expire, and DO NOT open e-cards that you cannot 100% identify as e-cards. Follow the link above to get the scoop from Hallmark on how to tell the real ones from the fakes. In retrospect, I really ought to have smelled the rat, my personal radar wasn't working that day I guess. It happens when you are pulled in multiple directions from home, husband and children. It can happen to anyone.


Anna S said...

Something similar happened to me not long ago! It was rather nasty.

Anonymous said...

According to the Hallmark page you pointed to, the fake card infects your PC with 'Zapchast Trojan virus'. Do update your anti-virus software to the latest definitions and run a complete scan.

Which anti-virus software do you use BTW?

Some spyware/Trojan files try to install themselves on your computer via browser exploits. If you still haven't done so, start using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for browsing.

Here are 2 excellent(& free) anti-spyware softwares which can be useful for everybody.

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4



Lily said...

Are you the same 'Ampersand' who helped me with my html issue?! You sound like a real computer pro!

I do use firefox. We have Avast! virus protection...the free one but you have to re-new every so often to update their files I presume. It works well, the virus got in while it was disconnected. I am NOT computer savvy (in case you couldn't tell) that I didn't realize what avast! was asking me to do.

I will look for the way to update the avast, and also how to do the spyware...we get lots of spam in our mailboxes despite having the highest setting on our mail filters. I actually think the problem has something to do with our ISP, a small rural (is ICOS the right word?)company. We have a lot of problems with it. Maybe I just need more layers of protection. I will work on it, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Avast Virus Definition Updates

3.9.2007 - 0772-0 (right at the bottom of the long list for today)

Win32:Zapchast-CZ [Trj], Win32:Zapchast-DA [Trj], Win32:Zapchast-DB [Trj]

Since Avast has updated their definitions to include protection against 'Zapchast Trojan', I think updating the definitions and running a full system scan should help.

Since new viruses are discovered daily, try to update your anti-virus software daily too. [I think Avast may have an option which, if enabled, allows it to check for (and download) updates automatically at regular intervals]


Lily said...

Thanks, I'll do that right now!