Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There is Hope

I have been on the internet for almost half an hour, conversing with Izzarina over at Flosculi and posting on my own blog, without interruption in service. *\0/* That is me cheering with my little pom poms. Maybe Lily is back on line...I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too high, it has been quite a while since we've had decent service. I suppose it is the price one pays for the quiet solitude of rural country living. At least I get DSL, some much larger areas do not get that. Hey, they had to give us something as we don't even get television service where we live. Now, that is a good thing.

While we haven't had internet service we discovered that our library has a very nice stash of videos and DVDs to borrow. Our library has been undergoing renovations so we haven't been there much. We also have an obscene amount of books in our possession. There is a story to that but not for today's time slot. What have we watched this week? Bourne Identity, Oklahoma, A discovery video about Wild Cats (made my 4 yo cry when the lion killed the zebra) and tonight we are tuning in to see Alessandra Ferri dance in Romeo and Juliet, with the Royal Ballet.

This video was selected by WeShow

I cannot wait to see it.

That is the update from the Thorns residence for now. I'm pushing my luck staying on line this long, but there is hope for better service.


Heather said...

I simply adore classical ballet. I've always wished I had more adoring fans in the house as well, but since I was blessed with 7 boys, we tend to watch things more along the lines of American football and baseball. Ah well...

And a big hooray for your internet service staying up and running for you! Wonky service really stinks, doesn't it?

Lily said...

Ack, we did not get to watch it last night, but I'm hoping to watch it today. Ferri is a beautiful dancer. We read two feature stories on her this summer, she is retiring at age 40 something...virtually unheard of for a prima ballerina to last that long. This video was produced in 1984. Her swan song (LOL) is going to be playing Juliet once again. I hope I get to see a video performance of that!