Saturday, July 14, 2007

Soliloquy of Slumber

As I've said here before, and many of you know, I suffer with terrible insomnia. For years now. Here is one of the fruits. Sleep would be nice, however, maybe I'd drink less coffee, and spill it less often, if I had more sleep!

Sleep, an ever elusive delight
Sleep, why do you escape again tonight?
Sleep, you pass me hour by hour
Till morning finds me, a wilted flower.

Come, dear sleep, and let me rest
Come, let me slumber as your guest
Come, dreams, come, in a bevy
and let my eyelids become heavy.

Sleep, please evade me no more
Sleep, please stop barring the door
Sleep, sing your sweet soliloquy
Thank you! Finally!


Ashley said...

I liked your poem. Very cute. And I can relate very often. Right now I could easily go to sleep, but children must be bathed and put in the bed and I must put more clothes in the washer and clean up the kitchen and......"and miles to go before I sleep."

Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a very delightful poem! Fantastic! My favorite line is about morning finding you a wilted flower. A+ from me!

MaryT said...

Love it! You are very talented!!!