Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shocking! Letter to the Editor, Printed

The letter to the editor which I referred to writing in an earlier post, actually ran! I cannot provide a link, they do not reprint the letters to the editor online. Below is the (highly edited) version of what I wrote, which appeared in today's paper. Of course, it appeared directly below a letter which dissed the Vatican for the "Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church" released last week. Following my letter was one about why there is no need to protest a concert singing the 99 traditional names of Allah, and two letters about praying for the church to allow women and married men to be ordained. Why am I not surprised? That is why I am shocked mine ran.

The paper did run two other articles about the Latin Mass this week, I think that is a first. Not that my little letter will do anything outside of irritating a few people I know, but the idea that I'm being a 'a thorn in the pew' (to borrow that phrase) really tickles me. You should all get out your pens and write letters to the editors, maybe you will get through too! I know for a fact many of you are just as irritated as I am.

Regarding your July 12 front-page article, "Overture to Schismatics: Pope Expands the Use of the Latin Liturgy," the title is very misleading. The pope's motu proprio is not just an overture to schismatics but a directive to the entire Catholic population.

He was stating that anyone who wanted the extraordinary form of the liturgy is entitled to it, and he is referring to more than schismatics.

It seems clear that Latin is here to stay. The pope expects Latin to be used in large scale liturgies and international gatherings. Clearly, he intends for everyone to be aware that the Latin Mass is alive and well, and that anyone who wishes should have easy access to it.

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