Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Monday: What are you reading?

I received a Kindle for mother's day, and let me tell you...I LOVE IT...almost as much as I love my children! ;-)

During my illness I have been reading, especially since the Kindle arrived!  I have a blog delivered with Kindle freebies listed, so I have been enjoying the freebies, but I also have been buying books which are too large to cart around, or books with teeny print, so I can read them easily. 

This week I plan to read:

I have started this one, Madame Tussaud and it is marvelous. Highly recommended, even though I am only partway through. Whether or not it is accurate, I am not sure. But it is historical fiction, and so far is a very good read!

I cannot wait to read this, from Elena Maria Vidal, Trianon, A Novel of Royal France.
I started this, it is an etiquette book for modern young ladies.  Since I am raising four girls, one of whom is a college graduate now....

And, for one of the biggest Austen fans on the planet (moi) here is one I cannot wait to read.  I requested the librarian to purchase this.  It is a JFIC/YA biography that is written to interest young, modern readers in Austen's work.

Last week I read:

I did something I rarely do, and read all three books in this series last week. They were very good!  It is the story of a woman who is awarded $275 million in her divorce settlement. She believes that when you are given a lot much is expected from you.  She seeks a way to make a positive impact on the world through her money, and boy does she find it.  This is a heartwarming story of how one person can change the world, and how a community can come together for the greater good.  If you want your heart lifted, try reading some Beverly Jenkins this week!

Here is an adorable book, and a great summer read for any fashionista in your life, age 9 -90, though it is a JFIC book. This is the story of a 14-year-old girl who is discovered by the fashion world accidentally.  She creates a persona "Allegra Biscotti" to protect her identity and age because she believes that if the fashion editor found out how old she really is that her dream would vaporize before it even has the chance to get off the ground. This is a fun book and I will read the others!

This was a Kindle freebie, or I may never have read it.  The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is quite funny, some parts had me laughing out loud, a bit sad, and a bit predictable, but it would be a fun book for the beach. It is unique because the story is told entirely from the male perspective. Women will be able to identify with the men in the story, they are all a bit sterotypical, but this is fun chick lit all the way. 

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Hello all!  I am finally back to myself, or nearly so.  Well enough to return to blogging, although I must admit that getting back to my life has been a bit overwhelming. 

The pathology from my surgery revealed a cancer, but it was fully contained and is removed. Thanks be to God; He is so good!

Now that I am nearly back to full health I am trying to resume homeschooling as my children have had a long vacation due to my illness. I am also returning to blogging, reading (I was gifted a Kindle for Mothers Day!) and back to hitting my own schoolbooks.  I have until August 18th to finish my coursework.  I had to get an extension because my illness prevented my finishing on time.

This spring was busy, The Oldest graduated from college.  She has an Associates Degree now, at merely 18 years of age. My Boo played baseball on an undefeated team, and they will be receiving their championship medals later today. My middle daughter has learned some wonderful skills while I've been ill, like knitting, and all of my children really helped out with cooking and cleaning so I could recover.

I am working on a new posting for CMO, one to run in July.  I hope to post regularly, but the postings may not be very frequent until I am finished with my classes. It has been a long road for someone not accustomed to being sick, so I am glad to be on the upswing!

God bless, and thanks for hanging in there with me, and thank you for all of your prayers.