Project 2011

You can read about my New Year's Resolution in this post. One of my comments, from Melissa at The Betty and Boo Chronicles, got me inspired to pitch 2011 things in the year 2011.  Of course, one mustn't throw everything away, just remove it from your home via trash, charitable donations, or passing along to someone who can use it.  Do visit Melissa and read her post about her project this year.  I have decided to follow her lead and keep a tally of items to keep myself and my family inspired to follow along the decluttering journey.

And so it begins!  The goal is to get rid of 2011 things in the year 2011.  Here is our list:

Start date, January 17, 2011:
1. Broken pencils Missy threw away.
2 to 4. Action figures (if you can call them that, they were headless and armless, therefore just stumps with legs) disposed of by Boo. A very dear departure!
5 and 6. Two large garbage bags full of girls' clothing for donation.
7. One large trash bag from the master bedroom.
8. Three shipping boxes from Christmas, broken down and removed from MBR.

Not a bad start for day 1!!  Only 2003 items left to go!!