Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Project 2011

I do not generally make New Year's resolutions. But this year I've made a promise to myself. I am resolving to "cut the crap" out of my life, both literally and figuratively. The literal will be far easier. Therefore, on my blog this year you can expect to see posts called, "Project 2011" which will be updates on my progress.

When we moved into this house years ago, we were in the process of starting a used book business. We have well over 10,000 books crammed into our garage and our barn. We have about 2000 listed, though I think our data was lost in a computer crash. :/. I either need to get this family project back up and running, or get rid of the books and enjoy the spaces.

We also have been homeschooling for 14 years. One accumulates a lot of junk that way too. Books, papers, records, more books, more papers, curriculum catalogs, etc. Time to pare back and weed out my collection.

My personal book collection probably numbers close to 1000 volumes. Time to reduce that number as well.

Are you noticing a theme here? Books, books, books and more books.

But, aside from books I have the junk of six children, and a packrat husband. There is stuff everywhere in this house. My goal this year is to rid my life of all the excess stuff and clutter. It is time. My husband tells me he is on board with these efforts. We will see.

Meanwhile, yesterday I started tackling my bedroom. It is the catch-all for everything in the house that has no other home. My children will put the clothes they've outgrown in my room. My husband stashes every new book he buys in our room. Gifts are stored in my room. It is more of a processing center than a place to rest. I have a beautiful room (needs cosmetics like painting) but it is beautifully lit, a comfortable size, and a place I enjoy being in when it is neat. It just is not neat these days. I will post pictures when it is done, if I ever find the camera wire. My bedroom and the kitchen are the first two places on my hit list this year.

The kitchen really needs a total overhaul. The sink, the cabinets, the floor, they all need relacing and updating. The walls and ceiling need painting. The counter-tops need to be replaced after a small kitchen fire (oven mitt too close to the gas stove, doh!). I do not think I will have the money this year to take this on, but reorganizing and maybe a little paint can be accomplished this summer. We will see what the budget allows for.

Figuratively, there are things I just need to let go. Things that weigh down my heart and hold me back. It is time to move on. I think this resolution is too important to go by the wayside.

So, what books will I be reading to help me with this project?

How about starting here for ideas:

Anyone want to join me?


Melissa said...

I have a similar project (and post today!) going on too. I want to make 2011 the year that I declutter 2,011 things from our home. And sadly, I think that is very attainable because we definitely have that many things that can either be tossed, recycled or donated.

Good luck with your efforts ... I am definitely following along! :)

Lily said...

Melissa, I love that idea. I'm going to steal it!! I think my children would get a real kick out of shooting for a number! Thanks for the idea, can you tell I'm excited with all the exclamation points? !!!!!!!!!


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I need to do some of this myself! When my youngest went to college his room became a catch all.... magazines I was not quite ready to throw away, items I store for charity events, season items, a few stray books, seriously - it is embarrassing. My goal is to get that room back into a bedroom!

Tracy said...

That is also one of my projects for this year. Wow, it seems to be a common theme, lol. I also like the 2011 things in 2011 idea. Good luck to both of you!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hmmm... I thought I commented earlier on this post but do not see it. I think you are on to a great project - one I could use a little of myself!

Happy reading!

Alexandra said...

We are almost finished with our clean out. We took it room by room, and then closet by closet. We still have the garage to clean out tomorrow. It has taken a long time, but it was easier for us to spread it out across two months.

It does feel great, but like you, we still need to tackle cosmetic issues like painting, caulking, minor repairs, etc. Who knows how long this will take! I'll just try to focus on one room at a time.

Happy cleaning! :)

Lily said...

My job is sooo huge that I'm devoting a year to the job! I am including 3 outbuildings including a full-sized barn in the project, and we have a garage that is packed full with our thousands of books!

It is inspiring to hear that you have accomplished your goal in about 2 months, you give me hope :D

Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra. I always enjoy your visits and your blog!