Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Teaser: Excitement at NFW

I'm still working pretty hard on my classes, after taking too long of a hiatus for the holidays.  So, now that I'm back to my classes, I will be working more on my blog too.  They seem to go hand in hand, when I need a break from studying I blog. It is all done at the computer.

I have some exciting things planned for the New Year at Never Fading Wood.  I added some advertising because I wanted to see how it all works.  We will see if I keep it or not.  I am not entirely sold on the idea, but thought I would give it a try.

I am working on some layout changes, I am planning some new features on my blog, and I have a surprise on the horizon as well.  But, no, if I told you now then I would have to change the title of my post from "A Teaser" to "The Reveal" and I'm not ready to do that yet! 

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