Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations Coming Down

Today we are taking down the Christmas decorations. Since we have lost our camera wire, I cannot upload any pictures, but I am very ready to be back to normal.

We had a lovely Advent and Christmas season with celebrations and family fun, but I suppose it is time to get back into the swing. We have had years where we have left the tree up until February 2nd, but most years I cannot last that long. We usually wait until after the Epiphany to take down the trimmings.

This year we had our first big Ephiphany celebration. We had The Oldest come, along with her Futbolista and we had a fish and seafood dinner Wednesday night. It was his birthday in December and we had not seen him for it yet, so we had a birthday party for him after dinner. Then Thursday we had Ephiphany gifts, 3 for everyone, except the Futbolista. He had a few extras because he wasn't here on Christmas morning.

We had a delicious brunch with baked eggs and French toast and then we settled into relaxing! For dinner we had some neighbors come over, and we had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, rutabaga, green beans, etc. Oh and coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

Heading backwards into the New Year we spent New Year's Eve with some neighbors. They spoiled us rotten with great food, friendship, and fabulous fun. We are blessed to have some really awesome people in our lives.

And, an update on our new cat. Muffin is settling in, the other cats are accepting him now. I almost think they are remembering each other. We often see them all snuggled up in a kitty-cat pile. It is not perfectly comfortable yet, we still have moments where they eye each other with suspicion, but they seem to be realizing they all have to live here together.

My baby nephew is home, and settling into his family now. His first night home was last night, so I am waiting to hear from my sister how they made out. Thank you for your prayers for my tiniest nephew. The pneumothorax had everyone a little stressed, but he is breathing and eating like a champ now. God is so good!


Dana Alma said...

Hey you,
Ours came down yesterday, although we have been known to have them up until Jan. 26. Where we live has the second longest Xmas season in the world Nov.26-Jan.26. Funny, eh. Thanks for sharing ur story.
See ya,
Readaholics Anonymous

....Petty Witter said...

Good to know your nephew is doing well. Given that he was born on the same day as my great-nephew I'm especially glad to hear further news of him.

Lily said...

Thank you, Petty!! I am glad he is home; it is a relief.