Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby it is cold outside (and inside too!)

Sad, but true.  Here I am at my computer, studying.  Do you like my ergonomic keyboard?  I LOVE IT!  And, that is my down lap blanket under the keyboard.  If you recall, I work on a laptop, but use my wonderful keyboard instead of the laptop keys.  Lately I have taken to working in the recliner, but the newest addition to my computer set up is the GLOVES.  Yes, that is right, I'm typing with gloves on because it is sooo cold in my house!  Cold and drafty!  I guess it is one of those things that makes living in a house built during George Washington's lifetime rather interesting. I never thougtht I could type with gloves on, but I have a pair of the kid's stretchy gloves on, and they fit, well they fit like a glove!  I definitely type faster, and with greater accuracy without the gloves, but this is fine for the moment!  Off to bed now, with hat, neckwarmer, and socks on.  I will be leaving the gloves next to the computer for the night.  Stay warm!!

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