Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Story of A Cat

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Please allow me to introduce Muffin, the cat I mentioned a few posts ago.  He is the boy who lived with The Oldest in her apartment when she left for college until recently when she moved to a new place where she could not have cats.  Since we still have his mother, a sister from his litter, and he was raised here, it only made sense to take him back.  Our girls are now fixed, but Muffin is not.  If you know anything about boy cats, you know, we must confine him to one room, and use due diligence in cleaning up after him, until he is fixed.  That is high on our priority list, but we need a little cashflow first!

Here is the Muffin-man, sleeping peacefully in my chair.  Why is he so peaceful?  Because he kept me up ALL night! 
During the day, I concocted an evil plan to exact revenge on Muffin, who was sleeping so peacefully while I was awake!!  I decided to put on his red harness and .....

...throw him in a snowbank!!  Instead he ran under the bush, and met with...THE DOG!!  Our dog, Sabrina, is very sweet, and very interested in the "new" cat!  Muff was not thrilled!
And, lastly, here is the Muffin Man, perfectly contrite, making nice with Mommy by sitting on my lap in my recliner, with my red blanket.  He seems to have learned his place.  Unless he is just trying to give me a false sense of security and he is only allowing me to think I am in charge for the time being.  To be continued...

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~~Carol~~ said...

Your kitty looks alot like our Lemmy, who we would throw in the snow the first snowfall! He didn't like it very much, but we always got a good laugh out of it. I'm glad someone else does that too! And I don't know why spaying and neutering has to cost so much. They want everyone to do it, so they should make it more affordable, shouldn't they?!
Happy REDnesday!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're a cat person you probably know that most areas have spay and neuter clinins (check your SPCA) that are significantly less cost than going to your vet.

Cute kitty!

Lily said...

Yes, about the spay and neutering, our girl cats are done. Muffin needs to get done but we just got him, and we will have to wait another month to be able to spare the expense. Meanwhile, our Muffin is housebound because it is a new location for him. I don't want him running off on us. I will have more sleepless nights because I'm sleeping in the same room as Muff while he acclimates. I don't want him to be left alone all night, and he cannot have free roam of the house until he is fixed.