Monday, September 3, 2007

Something Fun

I took typing in high school at my mother's prompting. I enjoyed the class. I've always been grateful ever since to have taken it because the computer age has really required a great knowledge of the key board to work efficiently at anything computer related, say blogging.

Today it occurred to me that I have no idea how fast I type, though my children are all amazed at my flashing fingers. I figured I must type at least 60wpm. I took a typing test on line today, and lo and behold, I was right! I type at 64wpm, either zero or only one mistake each time I tried. Lest you think you will memorize the passage, they change it every time to re-test!

Oh, and being a book fiend, I just loved the fact that the typing test uses passages from great books! All of mine were from English literature. Since the site is from the UK that is no surprise. No Austen on my tests, but that would have been cheating. I have definitely memorized bits of Austen, not out of an attempt to remember but rather out of a love of Austen!

Just for fun, give it a go!



Anna S said...

70 wpm, no mistakes. Fun! :)

Lily said...

Wow, Anna! That is awesome! I think I'd have to practice quite a bit to get that fast. I liked the passages, some are quite challenging. I ought to practice, I type so often. Great job!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I scored 112 wpm with 5 mistakes. I was an executive secretary for a lot of years. :)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Second try: 105 wpm, 0 mistakes. I'm such a typing freak that, since I took "keyboarding" in seventh grade, I have compulsively "typed" out the words that I'm thinking with my hands. I'm just making tiny typing movements with my fingers. After more than a year of marriage, my husband approached me nervously, saying he worried that I have a nervous disorder because my fingers twitch when we hold hands! I laughed a lot and explained that I'm just unconsciously "typing" what I'm saying or thinking. That probably makes me a total weirdo, but at least I don't have a nervous condition!

Lily said...

WOW!!! THAT IS FAST!!! I'm the pokey one of the bunch for sure...and here my kids thought I was so fast! LOL Guess I'd better get practicing. ;-)