Saturday, June 23, 2007


Quilting is an art, and those who are really excellent at it possess a talent which will leave their masterpieces to the enjoyment of many future generations. What a legacy to leave behind! And, interestingly enough, when I was doing a little research for this article, I discovered that colonial quilting is somewhat of a myth! America's Quilting History is a whole branch of a website called Womenfolk. There is a most interesting article about colonial quilters, which attempts to dispel this myth. The article was written by Judy Anne Johnson Breneman.

I started thinking about quilts quite a bit recently when I received one for a gift. Handmade, hand stitched, in the pattern called Ohio Star. This is what my quilt looks like, but this is not the actual quilt. I included this so you could see the pattern.

Miniature Dollhouse Quilt - Ohio Star Quilt

My quilt is king sized and it was hand pieced by some young Amish girls in PA. It is red, white and blue. The tiny little stitches, all uniform and straight are an amazing example of the skill which can be developed with patience and practice. I love to sew, and I enjoy hand stitching, but I cannot envision ever having the patience to stitch an entire king sized quilt! I will, however, make a bed skirt and pillow shams for my bed, probably on my machine. When I find the time to get this project completed I will be sure to photograph the ensemble all put together on the bed. Details of the hand stitching will be photographed as a close up for you to see. It is an heirloom that will be passed down. Now to figure out which child will inherit do parents decide these things anyway?!

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MaryT said...

I would love to see a picture of your quilt! Hint! Hint! I made my first quilt in prints of red , white and blue. Nothing fancy, just squares. And it took a good long time, because I ended up doing a bisquite quilt. It weighs a TON. Next time, I use batting, not stuffing! LOL!!!