Sunday, June 24, 2007


Ignorance is no excuse when we have neglected to learn what we are obliged to know.
~St. Ambrose

I had this posted on my desk for years. Then one day it disappeared, as things often do in a large family. I hadn't noticed straight away, and when I went looking for the quote, to use it once again, I could only remember the vague idea. Without being able to string enough of the words together in the proper order, Google was of no help! Then today, I was checking out other Catholic blogs and came across this one, A Thorn in the Pew.

Right there, below her bio, is this quote! Thank you for solving this nagging question in my mind. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing that mind bit by bit. Go check out A Thorn in the Pew. I'm going to add her to my favorites and keep an eye on this blog. This blogger is a Traditional Catholic homeschooling mother who is fighting for the souls of those she loves; and for the Catholic church to preserve the integrity of the Liturgy and get back to the basics of Catholicism. Sound familiar?
After reading the comments from A Thorn in the Pew, I went and looked up Josiekat's Trunk Boutique. Take a look. My fellow blogger is talented! Beautiful work!


a thorn in the pew said...

Hey! Nice to meet you. I actually do not homeschool right now. I have been on the verge for over a year. I have 2 autistic boys and also run a full time business so the two do not work right now. I am teaching them some things at home this summer though. I sew and design for a living so we have sewing in common too. Have a great Sunday!

Lily said...

Hi! Is your full time business related to sewing? Modest clothing per chance? If you are online with your sewing I'm sure we'd love to see a link. God bless!

a thorn in the pew said...

No, its children's boutique clothing. I studied costume design in school so it was a natural extention from that. The company is Josiekat's Trunk and the things range from simple and cottage styled to over the top fun things. We have been in business since 2002. I also sew gifts and things for my family.

bethalice said...

I know her! Well, not KNOW her, but I do from when I used to design & sell on eBay!

Lily said...

I thought you would, Beth. When I went to Josiekat's Trunk site, and saw the clothing, I thought of the pics of your dd in those beautiful clothes you've made. I have many talented friends! :-)