Friday, June 22, 2007

A little plug for Sag Harbor Gifts

I have been working on a post about quilts, hopefully to be put up over the next day or two. It set me to thinking about my talented friends, of which I have many. You can see on my favorite blogs link to the right, Sag Harbor Gifts, which is a blog owned by my friend, MaryT. She also has an e-bay store with the same name. Please stop in and visit her blog, she is a fabulous writer and a talented artisan. You will be entertained, have many pretty things to look at, and may even find a gift for yourself or someone you love.


MaryT said...

Oh thank-you Lily for your kind words! ~blush!~ :)

I love your blogs here and on Helium. I fully expect to be able to say "I knew her when..." very soon, when you sign your first contract to sell a book!



Lily said...

Tis the truth! I cannot tell a lie. And about that book, you get the first copy! decide what to write about :-)