Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Six Unimportant Things Meme

The rules for this meme are: (1) Link to the person that tagged you. (2) Post the rules on your blog. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

I was tagged for this meme by Jamie (CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie and Claudio on the birth of their new baby boy just last night!!) from Ad Silvam Ibimus.

1. I LOVE coffee, but I'm a bit of a snob about it. I like french press coffee. If I must make other coffee, I doctor it up. If it is coffee from a machine I add a package of hot chocolate to it. If it is a cheap, ground coffee I prefer automatic drip. If I am going to use my coffee press for cheaper or ground coffee from a can, I will add cinnamon to the grounds before brewing it.

2. I don't really like 'clown' art. For some reason, I find clowns creepy. I would never decorate my child's room in clowns, I think I'd have nightmares.

3. I detest being hot. Balmy, sweaty, hazy, hot, and humid weather is not for me. I could never live in Florida. I'm not sure if I could take hot without humid and I'm not overly keen on finding out.

4. I drive a truck. A mommy truck of course. But it is still a truck. I have to hike up those skirts to climb in. In fact, both of our vehicles are trucks. I would prefer to be up high in a vehicle than down low to the ground. Although if I could afford a sports car, I'd have to reconsider this position. Nah, I still think I'd be afraid to drive it.

5. I go in fits and spurts with my taste in music. Over the last two years I've gone from classic rock, to Delilah (I know, how could I!!) , to country music, and now I'm listening to classical music, my favorite being a feature called, "Bach's Lunch" on my local classical radio station.

6. I'm a budding pun intended. I'm a real novice, but I have been taking classes and hope to learn more as time goes on. I'd rather make a remedy than dish up medications, and I shy away from homeopathics, though I have used them in the past. I would really rather concoct something myself than rely on manufactured remedies.

I tag A Thorn in the Pew, Beth, Heather, Jackie, Alexandra, Debra

I still have more blogger housekeeping to finish...another meme, an award mention, and some postings, but I'm out of time for this evening. It must wait until week's end, unless a random opportunity should arise between now and then! God bless!


deb said...

Hello! Guess what, I have been reading about herbalism also. But I haven't taken any classes yet.

Alexandra said...

Chuckle...I had to laugh at your comment about clowns. I find them a bit creepy as well. Thanks for tagging me...I'll post soon.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Does this mean I have to actually POST?? LOL! Time has not been on my side as of late, but I will attempt to come up with something interesting-ish.

Thanks for the tag, Lily!!

Lily said...

Yup, Heather, you must now POST! Leave that other venue you're addicted to alone before I throw a chicken at you, lol, and post! We miss your posts! And I am looking forward to reading something interesting-ish from you!

Lily said...

Your list was really interesting! Y'all should stop by and read what Deb wrote in response to this meme!

a thorn in the pew said...

I got to work on mine this weekend.