Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to the Blog Again!

I'm not at my home computer so I can put up a quick post. Since I've not had a good computer connection and we've acquired a computer virus on top of an intermittent connection I have not been able to post at all. We have decided to put our house on the market and are looking to relocate our home to the Midwest. This requires my husband to find a new job, so when we can get on the computer, all of the time is spent on job applications! If you think of us, please offer a prayer for a speedy, adequate job offer. I will keep you updated when I can. The good news is after we are settled we are sure to have better internet service than we currently have and I shall be able to post more regularly again.

We've had a Sacramental Season at the Thorns household. My eldest was confirmed and my number four child made his first confession and had his First Holy Communion. It was a beautiful blessing bestowed upon our family having so much to be thankful for.

Since our house is on the market we are cleaning out. This is no easy task with a large family, pets, and several out buildings on the property. We've had one large tag sale and one more planned for next weekend. My children are unaware at this point that we are relocating because we do not want to stress them about a move when we don't know where we will be going or even when we will leave town. It is hard enough on children to uproot and move, why add to that? That being had, they have been real troopers about cleaning out. We've made significant progress in the clutter control and the purging process.

If anyone wants to buy a house in the Middle-of-Nowhere, NY, do let me know, lol. I must say this is the most beautiful area of NY and you are sure to be happy here, we just cannot make do with the extremely long commute my husband has for work (NOT AT $4.07 A GALLON AND RISING FOR GASOLINE) and the liberal diocese we live in. I do miss all my internet friends, I rarely get on the net to read blogs or visit my internet groups at all anymore.

I miss you all and pray you all are well. God bless!


deb said...

Hello, I've been off line for awhile also but my absence was due to just the hectic pace of family life.

In a couple of years my family will probably be moving also. My hubby will be retiring from the military. I am hoping that we move somewhere with four seasons. The heat here in NC is killing me. LOL

Lily said...

Middle-of-Nowhere, NY does in fact have four seasons and is very beautiful. If not for my husband's employment prospects versus the commute we would likely not be going anywhere. Wanna buy a house? ;-) just kidding.

SagHarborGifts said...

Keep in touch! I've been checking your blog for life, and was shocked that on a routine search, you had blogged twice!!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Hey, you're moving! I hope it works well for you. My mother's family is from Lincoln, NE, so I am very fond of that area of the Midwest and of Midwestern people.