Friday, December 5, 2008

Petition to the Bishops in the UK

I am pleased to know some of the originators of this, and though I do not live in the UK, we need to support the efforts of Christian parents everywhere. I have been told by my friend in the UK that in the first four days they've received 250 names including prominent priests and educators. She wrote in an email, "If you have signed, perhaps you would consider sending the link to as many people as you can think of in order to gain more support. The more names the better! Please note, too, that this petition is not only open to Catholic parents but to anyone who wishes to voice a protest as to what is happening here." This fight belongs to everyone, we all need to protect our innocent children.

Petition to the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

Do you wish to sign this petition? Add your name to the list here .

We, the undersigned, respectfully petition the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales to protest in the strongest terms against the latest Government proposals which seek to make sex and relationship education compulsory for children from age 5 upwards. We believe, in line with the constant teaching of the Church, that such education at so early an age could only have a severely detrimental effect on the children involved, on family life and on society in general. We call upon you as our Shepherds in the Faith to issue an authoritative statement on the Church's teaching on this matter, and to declare that you, as our Bishops, oppose any attempt to undermine the sanctity of the parent-child relationship, the innocence of the child, and our God-given parental authority in such crucial matters.

Download a copy of the petition.
Download a copy of the letter we are planning to send to the Bishops.

Thank you for your support.


Lily said...

Incidentally, I have no idea why I couldn't get the fonts right in this post. It always seems to happen when I cut and paste! If only I knew html. :-)

Jackie Parkes said...

Fabulous you doing that!

Jackie Parkes said...

Will add your blog to my links would you do the same?

Blessed are the Merciful said...

Oh my! That means 6 year olds could be learning sex ed! That is far too young to be learning such things. Boys still have cooties to little girls at that age.