Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Swinging!!

Life has taken me to the mat, and I'm still swinging! This has been the year of no blogging. Or very little to say the least. My beautiful daughter did go to Interlochen, and she learned quite a lot. She is currently a seventeen year old performance arts major at a college down in Westchester County of NY, much too far from her mommy! My other children are all thriving and doing well in their respective school programs. My hubby was laid off in July, so the company could move their operations to Singapore, therefore I am working two jobs to try and keep our heads above water. End result, no time to blog. Homeschool, household management, two jobs.

Admittedly, my spirits have sagged, but then I look at some of my friends and realize I have my health, my children are happy and healthy, I have more blessings than crosses. It is not always so easy to remember that, I'm working on it.

God bless!


Mary Bennett said...

God bless you too!

Alexandra said...

Merry Christmas Lily! Hope you and your family are well.