Monday, November 26, 2007

A Rose by Any Other Name

botanical print of a rose
I learned something new yesterday!

Below is a post from the Cross Reference blogspot, another new discovery which I will be adding to my blogroll. Do stop by and visit Jeff.

At the local church, I teach confirmation classes. I’ve remarked in the past that if I lived in a more populous area, with more resources in the parish, I would not be teaching this class. As it turns out, I was asked to do it, but with more resources available (as in humans) I would never have presumed. In fact, I think they would have told me, “Thank you for your interest, Mrs. Thorns, you are welcome to bring cupcakes for snack time if you desire.”

I’m not selling myself short here, for an average Catholic TODAY, I know quite a bit. But, would I throw myself up against some of today’s scholars? Not a chance! I’m a smart cookie and I can figure out how to get answers, I read quite a bit, and I have spent most of the last 15 years devotedly learning and researching the faith, which does give me a leg up on most of my peers as far as Catholic formation. However, fit to teach teenagers the faith and prepare them for Confirmation? Never would I have imagined it. Yet, God calls us to fulfill roles, and prepares us to do the job.

What did I learn? Here is a reprint of the post from Cross Reference, the title is a link:

Liturgy: What's in a name?

The technical (proper) term is extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. Why is this title correctly preferred over terms like...

* Eucharistic Minister
* Special Minister of the Eucharist
* Special Minister of Holy Communion
* Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist

Pick apart the name. See if you can figure out where it's right and the others are wrong.

I learned the fine difference in meaning between Holy Communion and Eucharist! I knew there was a difference, didn’t know what it was. More pearls to pass on to my students. Go to the comments section of this post, the answer is explained. While you are at his website, check out the two posts on the ‘Jenga Mass’ and the 'Jenga Mass Part Two' which are fascinating if you love the Liturgy and have read anything on the subject.

It seems to me that the young men of today are well prepared to be leaders speaking out on behalf of our beautiful Catholic faith. Deo Gratias! We need strong young men, well educated, and fearless. Whether laity or religious, strong, young men will lead the Catholic faithful of today back to the head of the mystical body, back to Christ’s Church, back to the basics of Catholicism. Much has been lost or forgotten. At least some remember, or take the time to learn correctly, speak up, and pass the information on.


deb said...

I think that it is wonderful that you are helping to prepare kids for confirmation. My entire family converted at once, so we were all confirmed at that time as well. My then seven year old daughter was baptized too.

Alexandra said...

I've been enjoying your blog. :) I think I found you via Domestic Felicity. I'll have to go bone up on those differences. Good to know!

Lily said...

Alexandra! thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you are here, and thanks for the award :-) I intend to do a post on it soon. It has been a bit crazy around here lately, we thought we were going to have extended guests. That didn't come to be, but my daughter did have a party, which required much preparation on my part.

I thought this information on the differences was interesting, I'm going to have to pass it on to my class!