Friday, November 16, 2007

Winter Thoughts


This is actually our second snowfall this year, the first being last Saturday. Since that one happened while I was asleep, it doesn’t count for much. When I had to go out Saturday morning, and crested the mountain, there was snow on the ground. On the return trip home, an hour later, it had all melted. Thus far today we’ve had no accumulation, just flurries and a bit of hail at one point, of course I was outside for that, but it has been ongoing all day long. I actually love the four seasons, if I ever had to move to where there weren’t four seasons I think I would miss them terribly. That being had, I am not happy to be cold today! Even my fingers and toes are cold, inside the house. Living in a huge, old, drafty house makes these initial cold days quite a shock. The upstairs (where our bedrooms are) is f-f-f-f-freezing, but there is nothing like snuggling under layers of comforters to sleep with a cold nose! Maybe I’m cold because I’ve lost weight this year? Maybe I need to put some pounds on to stay warm for the winter, like a bear? Do you think the doctor would condone hibernation weight? I guess it is doubtful.

Between the shorter days and the colder weather my mood is starting to dip into the doldrums. It is a disease I’ve been plagued with for a few years now. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, it is just truly a seasonal case of the blues. Now it is time to hunker down with some good spiritual reading to stay on track and not get really blue. I will also start with my winter entertainments of needlework, everything from embroidery, to mending, to sewing, to knitting and crocheting. But, more than anything, the thing that keeps me happy all winter is baking bread. It is physical activity, a spiritual exercise, and it is olfactorily satisfying, not to mention delicious. Guess it is time to get baking bread!

I will post our favorite holiday bread recipe when I start baking it. As a hint, I’ve already prepared the vegetable puree we use it the recipe...sweet potato and/or winter squash. I bake and puree the squash, then freeze it in one cup quantities. I have over 20 cups in the freezer! Each cup contributes to two rather large loaves of bread. Plus we also love pancakes made with the squash, a nice dish for Friday nights. We do all Fridays meatless, not just lent. Tonight, my dear daughter is preparing a pasta dinner, with sauce from scratch. Teens are a lovely help sometimes.
As far as my needlework is concerned, this year I intend to finally make my coat which I’ve had the fabric for two years now. Since it is cold out perhaps I will be inspired to work on it this week. It shouldn’t take long. Also slated is an afghan which needs finishing, a poncho for one of my children, and perhaps some hats and mittens for a few of my crew. I have a beautiful cross stitch which I made for someone and need to mail off. I’m also considering making some first aide herbal ointment for Christmas gifts, if I can get on the stick. I made some earlier this year and it came out so well that I may make more.

In the plans for stretching my mind this winter is studying Latin. As a fellow blogger so aptly reminded us, those who wish to call themselves Traditional Catholics ought to know Latin. Well, I’ve been ‘learning’ it for years, teaching it to my children. I have not really studied it myself. Sure, I know some prayers and can follow the Mass somewhat (if I lose my place I can find it again) but do I really know it? Not really. It is time to learn. It is on the agenda for this winter.
Snow at Louveciennes


Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

*sigh* I am so jealous of your snow.....poor me in exhile in NJ!!

We actually were at my mom's for a few hours on Sunday and they had some snow mixed with the rain...but by me it was well into the 40s and far too warm for even a single flake :(

I am the opposite...the longer it is sunny and warm the more doldrummy I get. I love the bleak cold days of winter...and the bleaker and colder and grayer tha happier I feel.

Lily said...

I dislike the hot, hot days of summer, but I love the warm days/cool nights of fall, and the days are still somewhat long. Once the time changes and it starts getting dark by 5pm I start to feel a little blue. I always thought that seasonal moods were psycho-babble, but I do believe there is something to it. I have no explanation for the doldrums on sunny days, however...guess yer just a freak ;-) LOL.

Note to other readers...this is not an example of Lily's rudeness, rather something Jamie freely admits and her friends always tell her.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

To add insult to weather injury...we have been nicely in the 50s and 40s for a week or so now, but OF COURSE Thanksgiving is supposed to be 65 degrees!!!!! We have had WARM Thanksgivings for at least the last 5 years and it makes me NUTS!!!! It must be a joke on me because it is back into the 40s the day after Thanksgiving!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!!

And forget about dreaming of a white Christmas around here...I just pray its not HOT!

Lily said...

Oh, Jamie, sorry to say, but it is snowing here again. This time we are getting accumulation with nasty roads, snow plows, the whole works. It is not enough to cancel the schools around here, but it is enough for my children to be outside throwing around snowballs. LOL

deb said...

Ah, I am jealous. When my hubby was stationed in Nebraska we got plenty of snow and cold weather. Winters were cold, autumns were crisp, springs were wet and progessively warmer and summers were hot. Here in NC there is hot, blistering hot and slightly cold. LOL I want so badly to move back to where we have four seasons.

Lily said...

I would really miss the four seasons. I would go where ever I was required to be, for the sake of my husband, his career, or his happiness, as have you, but I would miss the seasons. I admire you for standing up to the heat with such good humor. I'm not sure my cheerfulness would sustain the heat ;-)