Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not So Proud


WASHINGTON — Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, an early Obama ally with a record of working across party lines, is emerging as the president’s top choice for secretary of health and human services, advisers said Wednesday. Read more here.

Now look at what Thomas Peters has to say:

Kathleen "I'm-so-incredibly-pro-abortion-my-own-archbishop-came-out-and-told-me-to-quit-receiving-Communion" Sebelius.

Kathleen "I-took-almost-$40,000-in-political-funding-from-criminally-charged-late-term-abortion-provider-George-Tiller" Sebelius.

I'm not looking forward to the next nickname.
Definitely two peas in the pod. Here we have two influential Catholic women in American government, and look at how they use their influence. Today, I'm not so proud.


deb said...

Why the heck would she admit to taking money from a ciminal? That is crazy. Even hardened abortionist, I thought, were against late term abortions. How shocking that she would be proud of the contributions to her campaign from this man.

Alexandra said...

How sad. So much potential and look what they do with it.

Blessed are the Merciful said...

I shudder to think. Now more than ever is a time to be outspoken about abortion, work harder, speak louder and pray harder for it to end.

Thanks for another informative post.

deb said...

Hello Lily, You haven't updated your blog in awhile and I have been offline due to family issues. I just wanted to drop by and say a hearty, HELLO!

Lily said...

Thanks! I hope all is well at home, I will add you to my prayers. I've been a bit under the weather myself most of this year. This week it has been a horrible migraine, but now I'm down to just rebound headaches, that is a good thing :-)

I hope to update soon.

deb said...

I will have you in my prayers also. My grandmother, my mother, my oldest son and very rarely I suffer from migraines. So, I understand how horrible they are.