Monday, November 29, 2010

Young Marriage (at CMO)

I have not been posting much of late, as I have been exceedingly busy. It is that time of year where Mommies have lots to do. Catholic Mothers Online ran another of my posts today, my topic was young marriage. Do stop over there and take a looksee! Feel free to leave comments either here or there, I love to hear from you.

I hope all the US readers had a blessed Thanksgiving! Though we had a few vehicle glitches, we did manage to make it to where we were heading for Thanksgiving, and I was surrounded by my six baby loves, as well as my father, sister, and her family. It was a lovely day, made possible through the help of friends when it seemed that the cars in my life conspired to keep me stranded at home.

And now, Advent is upon us. May God bless you as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

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Mary Bennett said...

Oh! I am sooo happy that it all worked out for Thanksgiving! I hope the car situation is settled. (I hate cars, they always need something!!!)