Saturday, August 23, 2008


My daughter has a new camera, and it turns out, a very good eye for photography. She's taken some lovely photos, so I thought I would show off a bouquet of flowers my husband brought home. Just in case you think it was my birthday or anniversary or some special occasion, it was not. My husband brings me flowers just because...I am blessed with a very sweet husband. He brought me home two dozen pink roses which we broke up into two bouquets.

The first picture is just a vase shot. Then she found a 'flowers' setting on her new camera and started taking some more interesting pictures. The next shot is on my porch.

A close up of the flowers in the living room, I can tell by the wall paper in the background.
Finally, black and white, which is always fun and a bit artsy.
I hope you enjoyed my flowers as much as I still am, almost a week later! I will try to post more again soon, she is really doing a fine job.


Alexandra said...

Beautiful, and I love that wallpaper.

Bethany Hudson said...

The close-up photograph is VERY good. Your daughter really does have an eye for composition.

Lily said...

Thank you both, I will be sure to let dd know she's received compliments! She will be delighted.