Monday, August 18, 2008

Touch Typing skills

Funnily enough, after the post I had up for so long about penmanship, I will now offer some links about typing. Penmanship is all important due to all the reasons I listed earlier, and then some, but the ability to type is absolutely essential to survival in today's computer age. With that in mind I was looking to find a typing program to have my children use for 15 minutes a day...or less as time improve their skills and speed. Here is the best of what I've found:

From the BBC is a fun and somewhat cheesy typing instructional site aimed at ages 7-11. My teens rolled their eyes and begged for something else, but all my 6-11 year olds were very intrigued.

For those kids who can at least use the home keys, there are typing games available for all levels. I played the Frogs Are Off Their Diet game and had a lot of fun with it.

For my teens I found a free downloadable typing instruction program. Actually all ages could use it, it is a basic to advanced typing program with no frills and teachers can make out lesson plans bringing the students to the lesson when they sign in. I have had fun with the program trying it out, it will provide all the practice they need at their pace. At the end of each segment there is a pop up box which provides accuracy (including backspace), true accuracy (all errors, no backspace), characters per minute and words per minute. The students can opt to re-do the lesson or move forward. I downloaded this and intend to use it this school year.

Happy typing!

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Mary Bennett said...

Well thanks to you and getting me to try that totally addictive catalog, Victorian Trading Company I plan on us learning another script this year, Spencarian. I love blogging and net, as you well know, but there is a special joy in joining ink to paper, and great handwriting.