Wednesday, November 5, 2008



deb said...

All we can do now is pray for our country. Maybe Americans will get disgusted with Obama and vote him out in 2012.

Lily said...

Maybe, I hope we still have the privilege to exercise then. Mr. Obama is a very frightening choice on multiple levels and our freedoms are very much in danger. Did you hear him leave freedom out of his acceptance speech. He said 'liberty' but NOT 'freedom' it is very telling.

Lily said...

I'm taking a break for a few days, time for prayer and reflection, away from the computer, the news, and politics. Time to deal with economics and personal issues. God bless.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Yes, my only hope now is that Obama was president will rally the religious and deeply conservative for next time.

Alexandra said...

I couldn't watch any t.v. yesterday. My husband turned it on and I heard a snippet of the acceptance speech, but it made me ill. I'll be in denial and political avoidance mode for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Lily, take a deep breath. Religion aside, your right to vote isn't going to be taken away from you by Barack Obama. Even the Religious Right has stepped up today & stated that this is a wonderful time for our country. Our children can know that they can truly grow up and be anything they dream of being, no matter their race or religion. Surely, with the precarious economic situation you seem to be facing, Mr. Obama's policies would certainly benefit you more than Mr. McCain's. Strong beliefs are wonderful & what this country is built on, but I'm not sure I can understand how isolating yourself & your children so far away from the center of this country benefits them in any way.

Lily said...

Thank you for stopping by and for posting.

I was not going to be blogging for a few more days yet, and will likely address some of this comment in my next post then, but felt I must clarify a thing or two first.

1-You are right when you say, "Our children can know that they can truly grow up and be anything they dream of being, no matter their race or religion." I've never attacked Obama for his race, I think it is time for minorities to have the glass ceilings removed, and this will help with that.

2-I am SURE I will benefit economically from Mr. Obama's policies. His promised handouts will help more than the current administration, and probably more than McCain. But even in our current situation I would not cast a vote based upon our economic condition, while turning a blind eye to the plight of those who cannot speak for themselves, the innocent babies, those in hospice, the people that some feel it is better to kill than to protect. I will always speak out for those who need protection. Yes, I will benefit under Obama's policies, but I did not vote for him because the price is too high. And I do not agree with those policies.

3-If following the teachings of the Catholic church means I have to suffer economically, even to the point of losing everything, may God's will be done. I will not jeopardize my eternal soul to benefit my corporeal existence. No matter our conditions on this earth, my first responsibility to my children is for their soul. There is no isolation in following God's commandments, we are not alone. You are in my prayers.

4-We will certainly lose rights under Obama, I'm not sure if the right to vote or not will be one of them, but it would not surprise me. The second amendment is already in jeopardy and the man is not even in office. We can only wait and see.
Thank you for your comments, I will address it more fully at a later date.

Lily said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments, I appreciate you all stopping by.

Deb, you are right, all we can do is pray for the man-who-has-the-job and pray that he leads the country in a good way. There is always hope, and now that he is in office, we must do our best to support him, congratulate him on his good policies, and try to convince him to change on policies that we disagree with.

Katherine, I do think this will mobilize the conservatives to organize themselves into a force to be reckoned with. We have two years. The only way we can effect real change is from the bottom up. We need to get conservatives in the house and senate, in local government, and turn the tides through the grass roots.

Alexandra, pray and continue to vote in people who truly represent you. It is all we can do.