Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cat-A-Tonic in My Busy Life

This is me, under that red blanket, in a cat-a-tonic state, lol. Today is cold, and I've been under the weather all week. We had snow on the ground yesterday!! But alas, I am a blogger and a student, a homeschooling mother, therefore work proceeds even when I'm feeling sub-par. There is nothing like having a kitty or two lie on your lap while you work! I'm in the recliner, keyboard on my lap with my laptop on the stand to my right, you can see my notebooks on the edge of my rolling laptop desk.

Here is my laptop desk. You can see on my laptop, this very post being worked on!! Next to the laptop are the books I'm either reading right now or trying to read. That is my MP3 player on top of the stack, with all of my Gaga and my audio books :) Some of my schoolwork is lying across my laptop. As I have carpal tunnel I use the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000© and not the laptop keyboard which you can see with the kitties in the first pic. Evidence of my feeling icky, the cough drops, are right next to my super-cool Targus© mini-mouse which changes colors!!! I think you can see the candy bar I had to confiscate hanging out behind the mouse.

As I finish up this rather silly posting, the third kitty has joined me on my lap, so now I'm toasty and warm in my cat-a-tonic state.


Mary Bennett said...

LOL! Silly is good sometimes!! I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well, but wow! Three kitties?!! Are they all black? Black male cats are my favorite! We only have two cats, I feel underprivledged now!!!!! :) Feel better soon!

Alexandra said...

Hope you are doing better. :)

Lily said...

Thanks so much!! Yes, I'm feeling perkier.