Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What am I reading?

On my nightstand are two books. The book I'm currently reading is The Fetch by Laura Whitcomb. It is a young adult fiction book which my husband picked up for me a while back because it is a supernatural love story and he thought I'd like it. I'm reading it bits at a time because as I mentioned I am busy taking classes, and frankly, it hasn't grabbed me and made me want to ditch school for a book. But I will reserve my comments until after I'm finished. The book has an interesting premise, a little different than what I am sure you are thinking. It is NOT a vampire story!

Now for the second book on my nightstand:

I loved the first book in McGowan's "Magdalene" series called, The Expected One. It is intriguing, beautifully written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Therefore, I am waiting until I can immerse myself in the second book. It is a treasure waiting for me. It will be a reward to indulge myself when I have earned a brief respite from studying.

What are you reading??

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Mary Bennett said...

Yes,yes, and yes!! Good girl!!! So glad to see you writing and reading besides the 1 million things you fit in every day!!!