Friday, August 24, 2007

8 random things

Today I was searching through the blog sphere and found a young woman named Anna who is 22 years old and lives an authentically feminine life! She and her blog, Anna's Musings About Home, Family Life and Womanhood, are both absolutely delightful! I would be proud if my girls grew into such self assured, strong and feminine women. Please, do go check out her blog, it is worth the visit.

One of Anna's posts is called 8 Random Things. Many listed theirs in her comm box, but I, selfishly (;-D) hoped to lure her and her readers here, though I'm afraid I don't post nearly as often as I would like. Being a homeschooling mother of a large family, a freelance writer, and a homemaker/housewife, it really doesn't leave me much time to blog.

8 Random Things about Lily

1. RED has always been my favorite color, now I'm liking Blue quite a bit as well

2. I have always loved CHOCOLATE. My preferences now lean toward dark chocolate, with flavors too, like this one:
Or a new discovery:
Citrus Sunset
3. My favorite season is autumn. I love the cool breezes and the foliage.

4. Two skills I've always wanted to master are gardening and knitting.

5. "Disguise of every sort is my abhorrence." (A GOLD star shall be awarded to anyone who can place the quote and name the speaker. It shouldn't be too difficult.) Much truth appears between those quotes, it is an accurate assessment of my sentiments.

6. I do not care for the tissues with the lotion in them. I prefer two ply sans lotion.

7. If I could do anything differently in my life, I would learn to dance. Maybe I will someday.

8. My dream vacation is to tour England. I will do that someday!

It is now time to go clean something!

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you would like to participate, you can either leave your list in the comm box, or refer us to your blog so we can go and check out your random list.

[Edited Comment: Alexandra has been awarded the gold star for identifying the quote correctly!]


Anna S said...

Hi Lily! Thank you for participating in this meme. Your kind words about my blog made me blush :) It's a pleasure to meet you!

PS: posting those chocolate photos was simply *evil* ;) I'm drooling here!

Alexandra said...

"Disguise of every sort is my abhorrence." Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice! Okay, I cheated with Google, but I have read the book many times, not recently though.

Visitng from Anna's blog. :)

Lily said...

YES! That's it! Mr. Darcy says it during his first proposal to Elizabeth. One of my most favorite scenes in both the BBC movie and the book.

I cannot get the gold star to post in the comments, so I will put it in the post!

Alexandra said...

Thanks Lily! :)