Monday, August 27, 2007


Look what I learned to do, thanks to an anonymous comment to my question, from a new visitor to my blog! In July I wrote the poem, Soliloquy to Slumber, and didn't know how to do the blank lines to make the letters hang in the poem the way I wanted. I had used dots. This morning I woke to find a comment with instructions! So, here is the poem the way I intended for it to look. I also corrected the original!

Soliloquy of Slumber
by Lily A. Thorns

Sleep, an ever elusive delight
Sleep, why do you escape again tonight?
Sleep, you pass me hour by hour
Till morning finds me, a wilted flower.

Come, dear sleep, and let me rest
Come, let me slumber as your guest
Come, dreams, come, in a bevy
and let my eyelids become heavy.

Sleep, please evade me no more
Sleep, please stop barring the door
Sleep, sing your sweet soliloquy
Thank you! Finally!


Anna S said...

Sleep, sweet sleep... yes, I think this is what I'm going to do now. Sleep. :)

a thorn in the pew said...

I could not have made it look that way. The spacing is too hard for my

Lily said...

Well, the code I used was nbsp; and all I did was type one line than copy and paste. Then I added codes at the end of each line to make it extended.

While I was doing this, I did have the thought that if I were more mathematical I could have figured out exactly how many times I'd have to repeat the code to get what I wanted. LOL. I'm just not that mathematical in that sense. To reason out how many repetitions I'd need would frustrate me to no end! LOL.

I can do most any calculation up to and including advanced algebra (What people of our age used to call trig). Ask me to do any reasoning, logic, such as geometry, and I get tangled up. I don't want to say I cannot do it at all, but it would take me so long, and it brings back the repressed memories of high school geometry angst, it is easier to just ask someone.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome, ma'am. Glad to be of assistance.

Well, in a way, you succeeded in 'luring'(;-D) me to your blog from Anna S's. You both have wonderful blogs.


Lily said...

Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. It is an honor to be grouped with Anna S. Thanks also for your help!