Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Announcing, "The Latin Mass Network"

Announced today by Mary Alexander from Against All Heresies and Catholic Restorationists, is a new project started by a group of lay people, called, The Latin Mass Network.

Here is a picture of Mary and Bishop Rifan, taken at the time of the interview. This picture appears on the Latin Mass Network along with her article.


The first article on the homepage is an interview between Mary and His Excellency Bishop Rifan from Campos, Brazil. In an email Mary said, "For anyone who isn't familiar with Bishop Rifan, he is the superior of the Society of St. John Vianney of Campos Brazil. The diocese there never abandoned the Latin Mass in spite of being excommunicated, etc. In 2002 they were reconciled with Rome and given permission to remain Traditional."

Recommended reading on the topic is The Mouth of the Lion, by David Allen White. Originally published by Angelus Press, they described the book as "The inspiring chronicle of the fight of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer and his loyal group of traditional priests in the diocese of Campos, Brazil, to preserve the Faith. Bishop de Castro Mayer inoculated his priests and people against the ravages of modernism destroying the Church worldwide. His priests were banished from their churches, ostracized, and physically threatened, but yet they managed to build their own traditional churches, chapels, and missions, and continue their ministry to traditional Catholics." This book is now out of print and can be easily obtained through used book sellers online.

On the new website you will find Mary's interview with His Excellency Bishop Rifan, other interesting articles, and a very useful search engine to help find where Latin Masses are available. Please go and try the search engine. Report any missing Masses you are aware of or any errors you find to the address provided at their site. Considering the number of Masses expected to be added after the motu proprio, this is a tremendous service they've undertaken to provide. Please help them any way you can to make the directory accurate and complete.

Planned website features are news links relating to the expansion of the Traditional Latin Mass, blog entries, links to Papal documents, and saints of the day.

Congratulations for a job well done! Do go and check out this new site!

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a thorn in the pew said...

I think this is great. Anything to show support and understanding can only help.