Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Golden Compass

When my husband and I recently went to preview Hairspray starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfieffer, and Zac Efron, we noticed a poster which grabbed our interest for The Golden Compass starring Nicole Kidman.

Anyone who reads my blog knows we are a Catholic family. Nicole Kidman is also Catholic. I was interested in her new film being marketed to kids, based on a children's book series, because it is fantasy. We have a fantasy fan or two numbered among the children in our household. There is also reference made to middle earth, so I figured (as the publicity people wanted me to) there was a connection with Tolkein somewhere. Apparently the only connection is the one the PR people want you to think exists.

Rather than replicate a fine job done by fellow blogger, Thomas Peters over at American Papist, I refer you to his research and review. The movie, coming out in November will not be on the approved list for the children in the Thorns household. Thank you Mr. Peters for your review. I had been planning to read the books to the children in preparation for the movie.

Click the title below to read the article posted by Thomas Peters.

The Golden Compass is pointing towards anti-Catholicism


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Lily: Thanks for alerting us! Nicole Kidman's Catholic faith can't be very strong, considering she happily "married" a Scientologist for a decade and raised her children in that mixed-faith atmosphere.

Lily said...

Agreed! I think she tries but she is misguided. We can only pray for her. I actually thought (could be wrong) that he becoming more active in her faith had some part in her divorce, that Tom was insisting on some influence over her religion and she refused to allow it. But I could be wrong, either way she says the movie is not against Catholicism. Thomas Peters makes a point well taken when he says that even if the movie is sanitized of anti-Catholic sentiments the movie fans may go read the books which are rife with Catholic bashing. Considering the fact that these books are marketed to children who cannot discern attacks on the faith and defend against them, this could prove dangerous to souls. She apparently didn't think beyond the paycheck. Or at least she didn't think of the repercussions.

Dymphna said...

I wouldn't worry about Golden Compass. Nicole Kidman hasn't had a hit in years. People like looking at her but not in movies.

Lily said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Dymphna. I hope you are right and it doesn't turn out to be a problem. I'm afraid the books will start selling because of the movie and the books are apparently where the real damage is to be done.

Nice to hear from you, come back again!