Saturday, December 15, 2007

Prelusion to the Pox

Unbelievably so, I'm having more computer woes. But it matters not as the pox are beginning.

One child is mildly afflicted. This is the child who had the direct exposure. I only know this because I've been watching like a hawk since my last post on the topic. We have 7 red marks with little blisters, and the start of a temperature...very likely the pox. I would like to see more so it can definitely be labeled as the pox, but I recall from our first bout with this (over 10 year ago) even a mild case is still a case of the pox and it counts. I will be giving the children a very long bath shortly, that ought to serve to promote the appearance of the pox!

I will keep you posted.

For those interested, if you would like to visit and expose your own children you are welcome to do so, contact me through my email. Izzarina, you are invited to call if you are up to the drive! You know how to reach me!


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Have fun!

Ashley said...

Prayers that they will be mild and over by Christmas.


Lily said...

She is full blown now, but not a single pox mark on anyone else. This means we will most likely be pox-stricken for Christmas and beyond. Thanks for the prayers, let the fun begin :-)

Alexandra said...

Prayers for fast healing and strength for you. For 2008, I've been given St. Clement I, saint of sick children. I'll pray for his intercession for you.

I had the chicken pox when I was seven, and I can still remember how hard I tried not to scratch them. I had a few on my eyelid! Then I got the mumps the same year, ugh!