Monday, December 10, 2007

What Three Year Olds Do For Fun (at least in my family)

This is a list I sent to Listoff in June. He did post a few of them on his blog. I thought I would put up my full list today for your enjoyment in this season where everyone is harried and could use a good laugh!

What Three Year Olds Do For Fun
  • Swing from the curtains/climb the curtains until the rods bend
  • See how many different things will fit inside the VCR or DVD player, until it won't work any more
  • See how many CD ROMs can fit into the computer at one time
  • Spread 'armpit perfume' all over big brother's room
  • Pretend the dog is a horse and try to ride it.
  • Wake teen siblings at 6am by throwing water at them
  • Rub magnets on the computer screen to watch all the pretty colors
  • Pick flowers for mommy out of any garden they want to
  • Rubber stamp art on the walls and furniture
  • Hide big sister's cell phone and blame it on the dog
  • Paint the wall with lipstick
  • Flood the bathroom
  • Paint lamp with nail polish
  • Spray an entire can of blue silly string (which stains, by the way) all over the living room
  • Tell mom, "I made lunch" and serve chocolate chip sandwiches to everyone
  • Use bathroom cleaner for hairspray
  • Cuts own hair with nail trimmers
  • Cut all the hair off big sister's American Girl doll so it will look like Harry Potter
  • Use white out to paint the floor
  • Torture the cat by locking it or zipping it inside any container that it fits in
  • Eat all big sister's Easter candy
  • Enlists a five year old sibling to assist in stacking enough objects so someone can reach the cookies on top of the refrigerator
  • Lock siblings out, because she can now reach the lock
  • Uses permanent marker to decorate herself
  • Hides so well in the house that Grandma is ready to call 911, until the giggling gives her away
  • Uses baby powder to make it snow inside the house
  • When Mom is cleaning for company, uses honey to decorate herself, the dog, and the kitchen, and then sprinkle pretty sugar on top
  • Gets naked as the door bell rings to go stand next to Mommy as she answers the door
  • Picks gum off the underside of the church pew to eat it


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Silly me..already did it!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh golly, Lily, are all those real things that have happened to you? I am in so much trouble in the years to come!

Lily said...

Yup, not all one child though! All are real and true occurrences in the Thorns household, lol. Children teach their parents to have a sense of humor!

Alexandra said...

LOL, cute list.