Friday, August 13, 2010

An Announcement regarding Catholic Mothers Online

Catholic Mothers Online has moved to here. The site is now on Wordpress, moved over from blogger. As informative and interesting as this factoid is, now you can keep up with your favorite Catholic blog, there is more to announce!

Insert drum roll please!

Start scrolling down. (The scroll has been added for dramatic effect.)



...continue scrolling... more time, because I'm just loving the dramatic effect...


I have been invited to write for Catholic Mothers Online!

(You can applaud because I just love that.) If you read my Rednesday post earlier this week, you will be able to see on display in this post that red personality that I usually keep under wraps. I let it out today because I am so excited! I am pleased and honored to have been invited to write for Catholic Mothers Online, I love the blog and I love being a Catholic Mother.

I am not sure when my first post will be put up. My first submission is due on September 1st, to be published at a later date.

Smiley Stay tuned, time for me to get to work!! :)

All smileys are from here.

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Mary Bennett said...

YES! YES! YES!!!!!! I am doing THE HAPPY DANCE for you! I am turning CARTWHEELS for you!! It could NOT HAVE HAPPENED to a BETTER person!! YES!!!!!!