Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Table Talk Tuesday

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My three tidbits for today:

1. I love office supplies/school supplies. They are fun, and they make me happy! :) My favorite one that I recently found when doing a big purge before the school year started: my staple-less stapler! What is your favorite odd thing?

2. I only wear skirts/dresses. Why? Because I love being a girl and boys cannot (or at least should not) wear them! And, I cringe to see slacks riding up or bunching on women. I think skirts and dresses modestly and beautifully frame a woman's figure. I also love they way I swish when I walk! What is your favorite thing to wear?

3. Lilacs, roses, lilies, and sunflowers are my favorites. What is yours?


Bev Hankins said...

Hi Lily! Nice to meet you at table talk.

My favorite flowers are roses and lilies of the valley.

Anonymous said...

I love pens. I can't get enough!

I love wearing capri's and tee-shirts.

I'm not to picky about flowers, but I love a purple or black rose.

Library Cat said...

Lily, glad we could chat over coffee! I like school supplies as well - any kind of little stuff. I had some rubber bands that were the shape of animals. Those were cool.
I almost always wear skirts and dresses as well. Just prefer them. But as soon as I get home - it is time for a nightgown, never sleep pants!
I love just about any flowers - I think they are so lovely on the table at the house.

Have a great week.

DizzyC said...

Hi Lily

I do like to wear skirts and be girly too when I can and more so in the summer, though I tend to be in jeans or trousers as practical for chasing after toddlers.

My fav flowers are freesias for the scent, stargazer lillies, lilac, and irises.


CMash said...

1. Hmmm a staapleless stapler? Hubby and I are becoming empty nesters in approx a month and making one of our boys' rooms into an office...may have to look for that...have never seen!!!
2. What a great question!! I, however, am more comfortable in slacks.
3. Star Gazer Lily, the aroma is beautiful. So glad Yankee Candle has the scent. Then it would be roses and lilacs.
Thank you for participating. Hope we can meet next week and catch up.

Brenda said...

Oh wow I love purchasing office/school supplies as well, ink pens are my favorite but I love love love buying writing tablets the more I have the better I feel, weird thing is I hardly ever write anything on paper go figure.
I always wear slacks I don't think my body was made for dresses/skirts.
my favorites are pansies lilacs and butterfly bushes, I love my butterfly bushes because they entice beautiful butterflies to come into my yard.
I didn't have time to join the weekly meme but wanted to jump in and say hi and thanks for visiting my blog I always appreciate it when followers drop in :)