Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overheard at the Thorns Home Today: Toothfairy Edition

*NOTE* The image is a link to where I found this picture.

My nearly-seven-year-old daughter, Missy, has been sporting a loose front tooth all week. It was crooked on one side and stuck in tight on the other, so it hung oddly. Poor thing, being the youngest of 6 she suffered the teasing and torment of her brothers. "You look like a Nanny McPhee" they told her, and had her nearly in tears. Of course, big sister, Tiger, came to the rescue and told her that when she was six, she had a chipped front tooth she couldn't wait to be rid of! Gotta love big sisters!

For nearly every tooth she's lost, Missy has been taunted into yanking it out herself, by those bigger brothers. Of course they were never brave enough, but always one to rise to a challenge, when she's had enough she will yank it out, sniffle a little, and then place it under her pillow.

That's where the lousy durned tooth fairy comes in. That slacker is constantly forgetting to pick up teeth around here. Feeling especially bad about the circumstances that caused this latest hole in her mouth, I was determined to call that tooth fairy right up and make sure she showed last night!! But when I went to check on the kids, who's little eyes popped open? So I left a note for hubby (who was working late at his part time job) to make sure he calls that tooth fairy.

This morning, there was a very excited little girl who came down the stairs with cash in hand. "Mommy look! I got $10." Ummm, no, that was not a ten, lol. There'd be mutiny if Missy had a $10 under her pillow!!! "Wow!" I said, "It has been a while since the tooth fairy showed up on the first night!" which was echoed by a chorus of yesses. *LOL*

Savoring the moment, Missy sits on the couch with her siblings to discuss how happy she is there is no wiggly tooth in her mouth, and now she is going to have BIG teeth, etc. But then her voice drops down to a whisper, which of course causes me to perk up. She tells her big sister, "Tiger, I think the tooth fairy beat me up when she came last night. My ankle hurts!"

BWAHAHAHAH!! That poor Tooth Fairy cannot get it right, even when she gets it right! I always thought the tooth fairy was a sweet, perhaps an air-head, but sweet fairy, I guess perhaps the picture above is more like it. After all she beat up Missy last night!


Mary Bennett said...

LOL!!! Your kids are always so cute! And impressive, thinking of Miss E! How is your FIL?

Lily said...

The Oldest is doing well, Mary. And FIL is also. He did well with the surgery, and was recovering nicely, as expected last night. Hubbins should be home shortly with today's report.

Meanwhile, back to that overwhelming sort and purge mess in 6or so rooms. I'm thinking of Dory today, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" until the job is done!

Thanks for thinking of us!!

Alexandra said...

LOL! I'm glad that tooth finally decided to come out.