Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's talk about politics

I am so far from political, I used to follow politics, but now I'm a busy mom. I know I lost many of my readers because of my computer issues. But if anyone has any advice for a mom who lives under a rock, any advice about what to do this Novemeber, send me an e-mail, give me a call, write in the combox with links about what I should read when I can get on the net and provide some advice for the less-than-interested-yet-desperate-over-the-economy voter, like me.

Oh, let me add, only respond if you can be respectful and kind in passing on the information. If you cannot understand how someone can be so busy raising a large family to care about politics, and the thought of someone like me infuriates you, then you may not be the best one to offer advice people like me.

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Alexandra said...

I'm not clear on all the issues either, but I don't see how Catholics have any choice this year. Our parish priest tells us as Catholics we must choose the least of two evils. In this case, McCain, and this is primarily due to Obama's radical liberal stance on abortion.

Although I can't say I'm not curious what Obama would pull out of the hat if he were the next president. He keeps talking about change...all I can think is more taxes to fund all his domestic "changes". I think all that talk of change is hogwash anyway, he'll do what all the other presidents have had to do...cut spending because he'll have no choice.