Saturday, June 28, 2008

An "F" in Penmanship

I am sorry to say that my computer is now dead. Or so it seems. The only time I will be surfing the net will be when I can get to the library. Or on someone else's computer. I do not anticipate getting a new one any time soon, however I will attempt to get the dead one repaired. It is too bad, I had many posts I wanted to make! I will have to write them down and post when I can get on line. The writing exercise will be good for me.

Has anyone else noticed that their handwriting has degenerated since this computer age we are living in? With all the blogging, emailing, facebooking, all in all typing that is required for proficient computer use, people no longer write anything any more. It is an essential skill really. I read an article ages ago, about how elementary students were no longer being taught penmanship as a course. Other things have taken priority and as a result the little brain connections that were formed from the practice of penmanship, those little electrical brain circuit connections (how's that for accuracy in medical terminology?) are not being formed. It is actually detrimental to brain development to not practice penmanship, according to this article. I am not sure about that, but I do not doubt it for an instant. all I know is my penmanship resembles chicken scratch more than anything else these days. Perhaps being forced to write my thoughts, instead of typing them out, will be of benefit to my poor little brain.

Articles about the connection between penmanship and learning/intelligence/brain connections:

Computer Literated: Writing Preliterated?

Handwriting Skills is an interesting article which explains why it is important that we continue to teach penmanship.

Poor Handwriting, a Major Cause of Underacheivement by Linda Silverman, Ph.D.

Penmanship's Storied Past and the Technological Roots of Its Revival by Karl Barksdale


deb said...

I will have to look over all those articles. My own handwriting has always be atrocious, so I don't think that blogging can make it any worse. LOL

By the way, I had my computer made by a man named Bill from Lebanon, Penn. He owns a computer shop. I got a good computer for much lower costs. If I get his number, I will email it to you. He does excellent work. You just tell him what you want your computer to be able to do. You could probably get a very cheap computer that will just connect you to the internet and give you the ability to write your articles. A no fluff sort of machine.

Lily said...

Thanks, I would be interested in his number!

Re, your least you know how to write, many kids today aren't even taught the skill.

deb said...

Here is the number. Bill's Computer Supplies. Ask to talk to Bill. 1-717-272-2632 I live next door to his stepdaughter, Kay and he has already built me a good computer.

Lily said...

Thanks so much, I hope he gets some business from this posting.

SagHarborGifts said...

Arrrgh!!!! NO!! What a traitor of a computer to quit on you now! I hope you get to the computer again soon!