Monday, October 13, 2008

Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

Every now and then you need to sit back and count life's blessings, even when it seems all life is serving up to you is the pits, instead of the sweet cherries. My life has been filled with much confusion and stress the last few weeks, so I thought I would take a break from life, and the election, and think about things I love, and things that make me happy. What are your reasons for getting up in the morning? Put them in the comm box, I would love to hear your reasons.

My short list, which could be much longer if it weren't for the fact that the time is after midnight, and I really ought to at least TRY to sleep:

1. Not just cherries, but any fruit, is a blessing to be thankful for. Heck, why not go all out and say food on the table. Food is a blessing, and one to be enjoyed. Isn't this picture of the cherries just luscious? Click on the picture for a link to the gallery, in case you have extra cash and would like to buy this mouthwatering artwork.

2. Coffee, coffee, coffee, especially made this way, in my french press.

3. Chocolate, oh how I love chocolate, especially Green and Black. It is a toss up which variety is the most scrumptious, but Maya Gold would indeed be a top contender!

Maya brand of Green and Black's chocolates

4. Children. I love this painting. I love my children. They are the best reason on earth to get up every morning. When people ask me why I have so many I offer a variety of reasons. It depends upon my mood whether they get the tart answer, the charitable answer, the answer which reflects my Catholic faith, the answer to make them pause, or the answer that I would never have known had I not been blessed with quite so many children, which is...Children make you laugh. They offer you all of themselves and they never want anything in return (at least if you keep them out of the stores they don't). They live to make you smile and laugh, and most often they accomplish this effortlessly. Why on earth would a person choose to limit such joy?
Carl Vogel Von Vogelstein - Vogel von Vogelstein - Suffer the Little Children Size 28x22 - art prints and posters(click the image to buy a print)

The Blessed Sacrament (absent from this photograph), Christ crucified and risen, our Glorious Faith, it is a reason to get up in the morning. The Catholic faith provides us with many reasons, not the least of which is to get up and try again when we fall, to find our way to heaven. I do not know how non-Catholics manage to survive without despair. It is hard enough as a Catholic sometimes, how on earth could I manage if I was not a Catholic? Thanks be to God, I will never have to know.


deb said...

I have never heard of Mayan Chocolate. You have given me something new to try.

I agree with everything on your list. I'm not certain what I could add.

I think that I would add..Trying new things to the list. At heart, I am an adventurer. Even if I can't climb Mt. Everest, I can still explore a new area in my state, read a new book or try Mayan Chocolate.

Lily said...

Oh definitely do try the Green and Black's Maya Gold, like in the picture. Because it is organic, you may have to go to the health food store to find it, although I have noticed some of the grocery stores with the bigger health food sections do sometimes carry it. Happy munching, it is so good one bar lasts me quite some time.

Alexandra said...

Oh, I agree! Focus on the positive.

My garden makes me happy. I like to dream up ideas to make it even more special and personalized. I like to move things around in it. Sometimes I'll go sit on one the swings and look up at our oak trees. My daughter likes to do this as well...we'll just sit there in the quiet and enjoy God's beautiful natural world - His cathedral of trees.

My home makes me happy as well. I like to busy myself here, away from the fast paced craziness outside. I rarely watch T.V. because I find it to be a source of negativity.

Blogging and web surfing is a wonderful hobby for me - I can control the content of what I read and see. I'd rather get the world's news online from conservative sources.

Tea is a comfort drink for me. A good cup of tea is always a good thing. :)

And of course, Mass - this is the icing on the cake for the week. If I could get the three year old off to church in the early morning during the week, it would be even better.

Lily said...

Oooh, Tea! I love tea! Thanks for listing your reasons to get up in the morning. I also think television is a source of negativity, so we do not have it in the house. We have a dvd and vcr player and we control everything on the television.

Mary Bennett said...

I can't add to your list and the other comments, everyone really summed it up, Faith, family, chocolate and tea.