Friday, January 23, 2009

Canadian Bus Campaign Run By Atheists

This is just funny. (h/t to ProWomanProLife) I wonder if they considered Pascal's Wager?

Quick summary:
Probably no God? Which side of probably would you want to fall on?

Stupid Atheists.


Anonymous said...

Well, how about our new Presidents speech basically stating we are no longer just a Christian nation and offering a "shout out" to non-believers??? What? - we are no longer a Christian nation - who made that decision? Ugg - this is all so frustrating. Here is the link to the AOL article on Obamas speech -

Keep up the good work "Lily"!


deb said...

I think that atheism should be considered a religion that way the ACLU can sue them for publically expressing their belief in nothing.

Lily said...

Thanks, Lori.

Good idea, Deb!

Blessed are the Merciful said...

This is implying two things.
1.) That you can't believe in God AND enjoy your life. Which is ludicrous!
2.) That we should all be self-centered.

Yes, you can believe in God AND enjoy your life. Yes, faith can be difficult at times, but if we all took the easy way out of things, what kind of a world would this be? Imagine if you didn't worry about things such as genocide in Sudan and homelessness or abortion,because they are uncomfortable to think about and you'd rather just "enjoy life"? We'd live in a really self-centered and destructive world.