Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Random thoughts to start the New Year!

Okay, I admit it, I totally caved! We ended up getting satellite service once again because it was a good deal...a "Win-Back" deal! Haha! Well, the story is that in a moment of weakness, I found a postcard in the mail from direct tv which we had years ago. If I signed up I could get a gazillion television stations for $29.95 per month plus new equipment. I refused the new equipment, if it fails, I'm happy, we'll cancel. But I love my husband, who in addition to loving me, also loves football. He has been sad and pathetic on the Sundays when his favorite team is playing, for years now. I caved, I was won back. Of course, I have an iron clamp on the the remote with children in the house, and if it comes to be an issue, I will disconnect the service in a NY minute. But hubby is happy, so for now, it stays. Funny thing is, we never watch television, even though we have it, but we did watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve. We certainly have not been missing a thing.

We have had some excitement in the Thorns household, more than expected for Christmas in a household with many children. My mom-car lost brakes, entirely gone, while my husband was driving. (God is so good that he was driving it and not me, or my 16yo learner!) Apparently the main brake line blew!

We have had exciting weather, ice and snow storms all around!

I have a new toy, a small MP3 player! I wanted this for Christmas to listen to audio books, a new passion of mine. I have discovered that you can borrow digital books from the library and put them on your MP3 player, and it is legal! Now when I am driving, waiting hours for my daughter who spends hours in a dance studio, crocheting, doing chores, or just plain bored, I can listen to the books I do not have time to sit down and read! How very entertaining! I do, of course, have music too, but not so much. All of the music has been uploaded by my teenaged daughter, the dancer, so she found some very interesting pieces of music she thought I would like. She has given me some interesting things to listen to, some nice and unusual ones too, so for Digi, I may have some more Obscure Music Friday entries to share yet!

My favorite radio station has podcasts (whatever they are, but I do think it means MP3). I am hoping I shall soon have some excellent classical music on there as well. For you classical music fans out there, this is a public radio station, no commercials and you can listen online! Enjoy!

Other than that, it is back to the grindstone for Monday. May God bless you all with a happy, healthy and joyous 2009!


Mary Bennett said...

Wow! An MP3 player??? Good for you! My dd got one for Christmas, and she LOVES it.

How's the house selling going?

Lily said...

Hi Mary! Yes, I was very fortunate, the MP3 player was a lovely gift. Let's not discuss the house :-(

How was your Christmas?

deb said...

I broke and got satellite also. But in my defense I am recording a lot of educational shows for the kids. lol

Lily said...

Well, that is more than I can say, Deb, we do not have any means to record off the VCRs still record off the satellite dish? LOL I am so out of the loop.