Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Mother of Teens

Mothering teenagers is a lot of fun, can be exasperating but is overall fun.

We have an awesome library where I live. It was recently renovated and expanded, and it is downright lovely inside. Now we are reaching out to the community trying to provide fun programs. Aside from speakers and workshops, we are trying to give the teens a place to go. My daughter has decided that she is going to promote different events to the teenagers in town, and her latest idea:

For all of you high school students who want to see Cupid burst into flames, come celebrate Black Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th of February at the XXXXX Library. Wearing PINK is strictly forbidden. Bring valentines to shred.

This is a high school event, anyone under 9th grade trying to sneak in will be served as a side dish.

LOL, who said teenagers were not fun?

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Mary Bennett said...

Served as a side dish??? LOL!!!!